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    Gold Standard GAMSAT Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, Essays

    & Full-length ExamGAMSAT Section 1 & 2: Learn, Review, Practice

    From basic, warm-up exercises to GAMSAT-level practice questions. Full-length, pull-out GS-1 GAMSAT practice paper with PIN for online access to worked solutions, forum and scaled scores for one year. Also includes medical school admissions advice including potential interview questions and helpful strategies. Book 1 from the 3-book Gold Standard GAMSAT Set.

    Dr. Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honours in a BSc programme. After medical school, he wrote several award-winning textbooks. For 8 years, he has given GAMSAT seminars on campuses across Australia, Ireland and the UK. He is known as a dynamic lecturer who can simplify complex topics.

    Preface, Introduction; Part I: MEDICAL SCHOOL ADMISSIONS: Improving Academic Standing, The Medical School Interview, Autobiographical Materials and References; Part II: UNDERSTANDING THE GAMSAT: The Structure of the GAMSAT, The Recipe for GAMSAT Success; Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences: A. REVIEW FOR SECTION 1: Overview, How to Prepare for Section I, One Year or More Before the GAMSAT, Section I Suggested Reading List, One Year or Less Before the GAMSAT, Contextual Reading, Exam Strategies, Style of Questions, Online Help, Types of Questions, Main Idea Questions, Inference Questions, Analysis of Evidence Questions, Implication Questions, Tone Questions, Warm-up Exercises, Short Test and Analysis, Reading Speed and Comprehension Test, Interpreting Your Reading Speed, Section I Mini-tests, Verbal Reasoning Exercise 1 (Humanities and Social Sciences), Verbal Reasoning Exercise 2 (Science-based Passages), Doctor-Patient Interactive Test, Poetry Test, Cartoon Test, Graphs and Tables Test; Written Communication: B. REVIEW FOR SECTION 2: Overview, Section II Topics List, General Pointers for Section II, Key Skills to Develop for Section II, Generating the Response, Identifying the Theme, Stating the Thesis, Writing an Interesting Introduction, The Logical Introduction, The Catchy Introduction, Supporting Your Thesis, Organisation and Structure, Focussing on Task A, Focussing on Task B, Timing, The Gold Standard Five Minute, Five Step Plan, Building Your Vocabulary, Practice Materials, Advice on How to Generate Ideas, Exercises for Developing a Logical Response, Writing Task A Exercises, Writing Task B Exercises, The Scoring Key, Sample Corrected Essays, Frequently Asked Questions, Common Grammatical Errors, Section II Practice Worksheets, Breaking the Rules: Exploring Creativity, Gold Ideas, Gold Standard WC Last Words; GOLD STANDARD GAMSAT EXAM: The Gold Standard GAMSAT, Practice Test GS-1, Section 1: Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences, Section 2: Written Communication, Section 3: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences; ANSWER KEY AND ANSWER DOCUMENTS: Cross-referenced Answer Key, Answer Documents

    1. Each book comes with an access card with a personal identification number (PIN) for 1 year of additional practice questions and videos  2. In colour with heaps of practice questions with helpful, worked solutions 3. Complete and comprehensive teaching, review and practice for the GAMSAT section 1 & 2

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