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Photograph Restoration and Enhancement Using Adobe Photoshop

This book is designed for anyone with basic computer skills to learn to restore and enhance their film and digital photographs. Beginning with an easy reading introduction to the specific tools and commands in Adobe Photoshop, the reader is then guided through hands-on training in repairing photograph scratches, tears, colour correction, image straightening, understanding resolution, etc. Additionally, numerous tips on fixing the "not so perfect" photo (both film or digital), e.g., by substituting parts from another image and correcting flash reflection are included. 4-color images are provided for the hands-on exercises to practice the techniques as you learn, or you can use your own photos to complete the exercises! It includes an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, but specific to its restoration and enhancement capabilities only. It includes practice files that complement the text content, allowing the reader the opportunity to reinforce the learning by applying the techniques in each chapter. It covers both digital images, as well as traditional film prints, negatives, and slides. It provides a special chapter that includes two complex restoration projects to allow readers to "test their knowledge" with projects requiring a combination of several of the techniques learned through the preceding chapters. It includes a companion DVD with project files and all the figures from the text.
Vickie Ellen Wolper has been an art educator for over 30 years and founded her graphic design company, Unique Graphique, in 1995. She is currently an adjunct instructor in graphic design at Hesser College and Manchester College and resides in New Hampshire.
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