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Thai Style, Revised Ed

Chedis, chofahs and intricate decorative details are some of the salient architectural features that represent the distinguished Thai style, where function is combined with an innate beauty of form. In this revised edition, some of the most beautiful hotels in Thailand, such as the pagoda-like Sukhothai Hotel and the internationally acclaimed Chiva-Som are featured. Other enchanting depictions include elements that are found throughout rustic and modern settings, occasionally bringing the reader into the artfully designed interior. From chic Bangkok residences to provincial country dwellings to picturesque seaside resorts and luxurious hotels, the essence of this fascinating and beautiful country is revealed in the stunning photos.
William Warren was born in the United States and came to live in Thailand in 1960. He was a lecturer in English at Chulalongkorn University for 30 yeas and has written more than 40 books, among them Spiritual Abodes, Jim Thomspon: The Unsolved Mystery, The House on the Klong, Tropical Gardens and Heritage Homes of Thailand. The late Luca Invernizzi Tettoni was born in northern Italy and spent more than half his life in Asia. During the 80s, his long association with Thailand resulted in the publication of a number of ground-breaking books including The Arts of Thailand, and the best selling Thai Style. His ability to discover and record ancient traditions and immutable aspects of Asia has been instrumental in creating awareness of traditional styles and values of these fast-changing societies. His work has been featured in many coffee-table books on spas, resorts and contemporary architecture
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