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PopOut was founded in 1993. Having spotted a need to cure what he called ‘Map Stress Syndrome’ after watching numerous tourists around the City of Bath, battling with oversized maps, founder Derek Dacey recalled the invaluable miniature charts he used during his days as a commercial pilot. Aiming to bring this level of usability to the city map market, a small team of designers were recruited to realize what would soon become the PopOut.

Today they publish a successful range of international PopOut maps and travel guides for the worldwide retail and co-edition market. Their distinctive PopOut map formula combines originality and practicality with elegant design, putting the map right in your hand when you need it most.

PopOut developed its brand further in 1997, publishing the first customized PopOut product. Their clients span all industries from high-end retailers to hotel groups, and from sporting event sponsors to pharmaceutical companies.

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