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    The Australian Geographic is a bi-monthly geographical magazine-style journal created by Dick Smith in 1986. 
    It focuses mainly on stories about Australia, or about Australian people in other countries.It was published by Australian Geographic, a privately owned organisation that also managed a chain of retail stores similarly named in Australia. Each year, a portion of the profits is given to the Australian Geographic Society, the non-profit arm of Australian Geographic which supports scientific research as well as environmental and community projects. Funds are also used to highlight and support Australian adventurers and produce related diaries, calendars and books. There are also 70 Australian Geographic retail stores which sell products including Australiana, weather stations, telescopes, books and toys, these are now owned and run separately to the magazine publication.
    “At Australian Geographic, we’re passionate about sharing the very best of Australia, and we’re committed to seeking out fresh and original stories and bringing them to our subscribers through the highest standards of writing, photography, illustration and cartography.” CHRISSIE GOLDRICK - EDITOR IN CHIEF

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    Australian Geographic Geography: Indigenous Cultures by Author: Australian Geographic

    Add to Cart Stock: 1246 in stock
    AUD 24.95 Normal terms apply

    100 Inventions that Changed the World by Author: Australian Geographic

    Add to Cart Stock: 151 in stock
    AUD 24.95 Normal terms apply

    1000 Life Hacks by Author: Grabham, Deb

    Add to Cart Stock: 0 in stock
    AUD 29.95 Normal terms apply

    1002 Funniest Man Facts by Author: Merrill, Paul

    Add to Cart Stock: 2 in stock
    AUD 19.99 Normal terms apply

    101 Things To Do Before You Grow Up by Author: Australian Geographic

    Add to Cart Stock: 2419 in stock
    AUD 14.99 Normal terms apply

    2019 Desk Diary: Australasian Nature Photography by Author: Australian Geographic

    Add to Cart Stock: 812 in stock
    AUD 24.95 Normal terms apply
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