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GAMSAT 2016-2017

GAMSAT Preparation Starts Here with Gold Standard GAMSAT Home Study Materials.

Next Exam Date: 25th March 2017


Big Sky Publishing is an Australian owned, independent publisher specialising in producing the highest quality non-fiction books and corporate products. They are passionate about what they do and work closely with their authors and clients to produce books and products of exceptional quality and design. Big Sky Publishing specialisation includes the following areas:

History, Military History, Self-help, Autobiography, Business, Careers, Environment, How to/Practical Guides, Health, Humour, Lifestyle, Indigenous Studies, Women’s and Men’s Interest, Corporate Publications .

They are committed to flexible, innovative and customised solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for their authors and clients.  They pride themselves on a professional but personal approach, and enjoy thinking outside the box in order to deliver results.

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Western Desert Campaign 1940-41 by Author: Wahlert, Glenn

Add to Cart Stock: 2 in stock
AUD 19.99 Normal terms apply

Battle Scarred H/C by Author: Deayton, Craig

Add to Cart Stock: 381 in stock
AUD 34.99 Normal terms apply

Crossing The Wire H/C by Author: Coombes, David

Add to Cart Stock: 365 in stock
AUD 34.99 Normal terms apply

What I Wish I Knew About Cancer by Author: Wilson, Marty & Bertwistle, Gary

Add to Cart Stock: 245 in stock
AUD 17.99 Normal terms apply

Stickman Rules by Author: Hawkins, Terry

Add to Cart Stock: 15 in stock
AUD 16.99 Normal terms apply

Do Unto Others H/C by Author: Smith, Alan H

Add to Cart Stock: 342 in stock
AUD 34.99 Normal terms apply

Battle of Bardia by Author: Stockings, Craig

Add to Cart Stock: 1035 in stock
AUD 19.99 Normal terms apply

Lie Catcher by Author: Craig, David

Add to Cart Stock: 162 in stock
AUD 24.99 Normal terms apply

August Offensive at ANZAC 1915 by Author: Cameron, D

Add to Cart Stock: 37 in stock
AUD 19.99 Normal terms apply
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