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Superannuation Made Simple 4/e

Updated for 2022/2023
You will most certainly live longer than your grandparents and great-grandparents did and you’re going to need money to support yourself and your family after quitting work. Will the Government pension meet your needs? It’s unlikely. That’s why you MUST think seriously about superannuation. It isn’t as confusing as you might think and it could save your lifestyle. In Superannuation Made Simple, Noel Whittaker unravels the mysteries of superannuation and shows you how to use it to save tax and to grow your money faster. Updated for 2022/2023.
As one of Australia’s most respected financial  commentators and best selling authors, Noel is a pioneer in the field of consumer education and is the author of 20 books, including the international best seller Making Money Made Simple. He writes weekly columns in many major Australian newspapers, and also makes regular appearances on radio and television.
* Updated for 2022/2023. * All the superannuation rules change on June 30 – this is a brand-new book which incorporates and explains the new rules, and shows readers how to profit from them. * Written in Noel Whittakers typical style -  simple to read, big print, cartoons, heaps of white space and a very attractive colourful cover. * Previous Edition ISBN 9780645004946.
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