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Stress Free

How to Thrive Under Pressure in Unprecedented Times

Stress-Free: Managing Pressure in Unprecedented Times. As we slowly emerge from the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, our world and our working lives have changed substantially. NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITHOUT STRESS, BURNOUT OR FEAR. Imagine a life in this new world where performing at your highest peak is a given, where you’ve moved to the next level in all aspects of your life, and you are living and evolving as your very best self. This step by step self-coaching book will unlock your inner super-powers, resulting in the best work performance of your life, as well as increased happiness, health, wealth and thriving relationships. It’s a one stop shop to success and fulfillment, achieved through practical, actionable, proven mental training. Start reading now to: ·       Unlock your ultimate capabilities while minimizing or eliminating stress ·       Get on top of overwhelm and anxiety ·       Unleash new levels of energy that you never thought possible ·       Release your inner fears and dissolve limiting beliefs ·       Discover and understand your Master mind and the extraordinary powers it holds ·       Enjoy the many real-life case studies from business leaders ·       Learn how to use the 5 star and FREE Quality Mind app to maximise your results ·       And SO MUCH MORE! Stress-Free: Managing Pressure in Unprecedented Times introduces you to our ultimate, world first, proven activation system, teaching you how to handle the high pressures of career and life, while consistently reaching the pinnacle of performance.

Richard Maloney is the founder and Director of Engage & Grow Global and founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global. With over 20 years of experience in the sports industry, and having worked with hundreds of elite athletes, Richard has proven time and time again that the body is led by the mind. Now, he has a unique and tangible system designed to minimize or eliminate injuries from athletes through systematic mental training, allowing you to unlock your ultimate sports capability and your true potential, in both sport and in life. It all started for Richard, when at the age of 19, he was recruited to play for his beloved, St Kilda Football Club (AFL). This was the epitome of success for a footballer, playing at the most elite level in Australia. It seemed like a dream come true, and yet, what he gained there was a very stark and unnerving realization that he wasn’t mentally equipped to handle the immense pressure that came with being an elite sportsman. Richard was already battling demons in his personal life, and the stress proved all too much. He chose to walk away from his lifelong dream, but this failure stayed with him, and it ultimately drove him to build his ‘Quality Mind’ business. Now 44 years old, Richard has been associated with six elite Australian sports organisations, including the Western Bulldogs Football Club (AFL) as their Leadership and Culture Coach. He has helped 32 local sporting teams win premierships, and he has brought over 50 teams to finals. As mentioned, Richard is the creator and owner of two incredibly successful businesses; Engage & Grow Global, which is making a huge global impact on employee happiness in the workplace. With over 300 Employee Engagement licensees now running Richards’ systems in 35 countries, they bring the colour back in to people’s lives and workplaces. And Quality Mind Global, which has over 500 clients in 20+ countries, as well as Quality Mind Mentor Licensees in 7 countries. With the development of Quality Mind, what started as a way of simply removing injuries in elite athletes by unlocking their minds, has now opened the door for every person to release the magic of mental transformation into their lives. Richard’s homegrown system, the Maloney Method, has been integrated into a unique, proven, step by step system that has helped hundreds of people remove the obstacles holding them back from living the life of their dreams. Now, with the recent introduction of the game changing Quality Mind app, he is literally changing lives every day. In recent years, Richard has been a revered & celebrated headline speaker at many industry conferences and events around the world, and he has spoken in no less than 15 countries. His captivating talks on employee happiness, employee mindfulness, and elite athlete coaching are most often met with standing ovations; and are always received with high excitement, intense interest and genuine appreciation from the audience. Richard is the author of: The Minds of Winning Teams (2015): Creating Team Success Through Engagement & Culture. Engage & Grow (2018): 6 Steps to Building Highly Engaged Employees, co-authored, alongside Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Brad Sugars and Mark Thompson. Injury-Free (2019): Mental Training For Elite Athletes. And he has been recognized as a finalist in the 2016, 2017 & 2018 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year and finalists in the 2017 Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year. Richard lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Kristen and their three young daughters. You can learn more about Quality Mind Global and Engage & Grow Global via these links below. And feel free to download, Richards Quality Mind App below.

* Stop Executive Burnout. * Assist with pandemic recovery. * Help people get back to normaility. * Quality Mind App - The book also comes with free access to the ground-breaking and highly revered ‘Quality Mind’ Mobile Phone App. An absolute necessity for any anyone wanting to enhance the performance and mindset of themselves or their people. It all starts with the mind, and the Quality Mind app is a proven game changer that achieves rapid and remarkable results - so let’s change your game today! * Stops anxiety. * Expands peoples consciouness

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