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Simply More Greek

Foods From the Garden, The Sea and the Bakery
  • ISBN-13: 9780646854311
  • By Ruth Bardis
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  • Local release date: 17/05/2022
  • Format: Hardback (260.00mm X 210.00mm) 250 pages Weight: 1190g
  • Categories: General cookery & recipes [WBA]

This book is exactly what the title says, Simply More Greek.  It is a unique compilation of simple to prepare, classical foods eaten mostly in villages, towns, and monasteries throughout Greece, based on fresh produce from the garden, seafood from the vast surrounding sea, and baked pies and sweets. There are no meat dishes in this book.  Meat free meals are mostly consumed throughout the year in Greece due to the vast number of fasting days.  The meals chosen for this book are largely unfamiliar and absent from other Greek cookbooks. Such foods as pastitsio and stifado made with mushrooms, sardines wrapped in vine leaves, silver beet rolls stuffed with rice and herbs, stuffed onions with spices and pine nuts.  There are legumes with greens, seafood with raisins, octopus with honey, fresh salads and various dips.  Baked breads such as feta cheese and fennel bread rings, greens, cheese and other variety of pies and different ways to make pastry.  To end there is a selection of desserts such as rice pudding cake, apple cake with whiskey, pastry parcels with nuts, yogurt jelly cake, and plenty more.

The aim of this book is to aspire, educate, and discover more traditional foods.  It is written to entice the avid pescatarian, vegetarian or those wanting to eat more seafood, vegetables, and or, the person eager to open their horizon to more Greek meals, half of which are gluten free.  

This book is divided into four main chapters and sub chapters.

Chapter one is based on the Garden and subdivided into three parts:  Fresh, cooked and accompaniments.  Here you will find recipes using fresh vegetables in their raw state, traditional meals that have been slow cooked, and meals used as meze or sides. 

Chapter two is wholistically seafood recipes.  It is a rich compilation of tasteful recipes derived from the abundance of seafood Greece has to offer. 

Chapter three is home to the Bakery.  Divided into Savoury and Sweet, these recipes showcase the wonders of Greek pies, and various filo pastries made from scratch.  One whole chapter has been written to entice both the novice and experienced home cook to delve into making thin, crispy pies with several techniques and fillings. A chapter that will surely draw one to want to add this book to their collection with its easy and comprehensive tips for homemade pastry making.    The Sweet bakery contains traditional sweets that are not necessarily published in most Greek cookbooks.  They have been selected to expand one’s knowledge of other sweets eaten throughout Greece.

The final chapter is titled ‘The Garden and its Nutrients’.  A summary of the generally consumed herbs, fruits and vegetables used throughout the book and from a Greek garden.  A description of each plant, when to culture and grow, and a list of health benefits are described.

This book has been wonderfully photographed with eye catching food pictures and places throughout Greece.  This book is not only a cookbook but a coffee table book to also peruse away from the kitchen.  

I was born in Australia to Greek parents. Passionate about traditional Greek cuisine, I set off to learn extensively about my heritage, travelling countless times to Greece and revisiting my origins.   My strong ethnic heritage and love of nourishing food facilitated my switch from fashion designing to cooking, photography, and writing.  With the addition of these skills, I have successfully written two multi award winning Greek cookbooks.  My books sold out faster than I anticipated which led to a second print run, and the writing of my third book, Simply More Greek coming out April 2022. 

I have been interviewed by, featured in, book signed and collaborated with the following:

SBS Greek Radio Melbourne, Insider magazine: France and Greece, Neos Kosmos newspaper, The Greek Herald, The Weekly newspaper, Cretan Club Melbourne, Antoniou filo pastry, Oasis Coffee, The Greek Providore, Simon Johnson.  Cooking demonstrations for MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schooler club) Melbourne VIC, Shailer Park Library, Brisbane, QLD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. and had a recipe showcased in Award winning Janice Sutton’s book, TOMATO.

  • I have previously written two other Greek cookbooks and have a vast knowledge of Greek food. 
  • My previous publications have won international awards:
  • HELLENIC KANELLA: Memories made in a Greek kitchen.
  • Best Mediterranean Cookbook- Gourmand Award, Australia 2016
  • Best Foreign-International Cookbook -Gourmand Award, Australia 2017
  • Best in the WORLD Mediterranean Cookbook- Gourmand Award, May 2017
  • BEYOND THE GREEK SALAD: Regional foods from all around Greece.
  • WINNER, Mediterranean Cookbook - Gourmand Harvest Award, Australia May 2020
  • Independent Publisher Award, New York 2020 -Bronze Medal (Specialty Cookbook Category)
  • My experience in publishing, writing, and photographing has led me to believe that this book is ideal and simultaneously different to what is currently on the market, especially in the English language. 
  • This book would be a great addition to complement the already Greek cookbooks that exist.  This book is not a repeat of recipes, but rather an extension of foods hard to source in cookbooks and yet are classics within Greece. 
  • My book will attract the home cook, the person looking for easy recipes, the lover of Greek foods, the person looking for healthy, simple Mediterranean recipes. 
  • A great book for different pescatarian and vegetarian recipes.
  • This is a unique book combining Mediterranean recipes from a  pescatarian and vegetarian perspective.
  • This book is a great resource for those wanting gluten free recipes.
  • The Greek communities worldwide.  Greeks love their culture and their food.  Greeks are very sentimental and nostalgic when it comes to food that evoke memories and I believe this book will do just that. 
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