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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

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You can choose to book your once-in-a-lifetime round the world trip on the internet yourself and, if you do, good luck with that. Alternatively, you could choose to book with an elite travel agent, with virtuoso network accreditation who has the expertise to understand not just what you expect from a great travel experience but who will have access to upgrades and benefits that are an exclusive part of their service offering. In the same way, when you are selling your home (often your biggest financial asset), real estate agents come in all different shapes and sizes and with varying levels of competence and experience, so it is important to choose a real estate agent who can provide you with the tailored real estate journey that you deserve. In this fascinating book, Geoff Grist helps you understand the entire sales process so you choose the right real estate agent to make your Journey to Sold both rewarding and profitable. It is a practical guide that discusses meeting and selecting your agent, managing price expectations, putting your property on the market, presenting your property for sale, negotiating the offers, conveyancing and proudly putting up the ‘sold’ sticker over your ‘for sale’ sign. There tips and tricks and Geoff shares some often humorous stories from his two decades in the real estate industry that you might find hard to believe!
GEOFF GRIST is a popular Sydney real estate agent with a passion for getting the best possible sale price for his vendors. He is also an entrepreneur, who has sold two businesses over his varied career. One of his businesses, Audio Sound Centre, won the Telstra NSW Government Award for Best Small Business and his best-selling book detailing his success strategies, 500 Award Winning Small Business Secrets, sold more than 30,000 copies. This is Geoff’s second book for vendors selling their homes, the first ‘Sold Above Market’ was published in 2016. Sydney, NSW.
Chapter 1 Your Journey Begins Chapter 2 First Impressions Chapter 3 Choosing your agent Chapter 4 Completing the paperwork Chapter 5 Your set to sell score Chapter 6 Pre-sale preparations Chapter 7 Your solicitor or conveyancer Chapter 8 Vendor paid marketing Chapter 9 Booking the auctioneer Chapter 10 Working with Buyers Agents Chapter 11 First offers and negotiations Chapter 12 Exchange with cooling off or not Chapter 13 Sold Sign Chapter 14 The End of your Journey Appendix A – 17 Quick Tips To sell your Property Faster Appendix B – Resources and Links
* Release date timed for the Spring property sales season. * With real estate prices falling it's vital to give yourself the best chance of selling your home for the best price. *Practical information with some light-hearted anecdotes makes this a very readable book. * Social and traditional media planned to support the launch.

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