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    Surf Travel 2/e

    The Complete Guide

     Surf Travel will inspire surfers of all levels to load up their boardbags and head off to find the waves of their dreams. The main section of the book focusses on the classic surfing destinations such as Queensland’s Gold Coast, Hawaii’s North Shore, the Maldives, the Mentawai Islands, Bali, the Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Tahiti, Southwest France and Southern California. Each location is described and dissected, with insider tips about how to score the best conditions. Several less-well known areas are also included for experienced surfers who thirst for pristine, uncrowded waves. Surfers of all levels will benefit from the range of useful tips on offer, whether they’re going on a road trip to California, a camping trip to France, or a boat trip to Indonesia. All kinds of priceless advice is offered by a writing team of experienced travellers who’ve visited scores of countries and put in the hard yards. Surf Travel features more than 250 colour photos by some of the world’s top surf photographers including Andrew Shield, Alan van Gysen, Pete Frieden, Mickey Smith, Roger Sharp, Will Bailey, DJ Struntz, Simon Williams and Tim McKenna. The book also includes a comprehensive directory of travel resources where surfers can find information about the best surf camps, travel companies, and operators around the world.

    1. Essential up-to-date information on classic surf destinations. 2. Practical travel advice for surfers 3. Foreword by 3 times world champion Mick Fanning. 4. Links to useful travel websites. 5. Tips from pro surfers 6. Check list of travel essentials 7. Fitness tips to get you into shape 8. Advice for travelling safety.

    -- Foreword by 3 times world champion Mick Fanning. Surfers live to travel. The quest to find perfect waves is something that grips surfers of all abilities, from novice to expert - The 2nd Edition of Surf Travel is the surf travellers bible with all the essential information at your fingertips for global surf travel featuring the best travel destinations around the world, with over 50 top surf destinations including Australia and New Zealand -  Packed with stunning photos, practical advice and essential up-to-date information with an additional three chapters - There’s enlarged sections on WA, NSW and Bells in the book as well.

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