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Public Policy Writing That Matters 2/e

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A thoroughly updated and expanded guide to honing your public policy writing skills-and making a significant impact on the world. Professionals across a variety of disciplines need to write about public policy in a manner that inspires action and genuine change. You may have amazing ideas about how to improve the world, but if you aren't able to communicate these ideas well, they simply won't become a reality. In Public Policy Writing That Matters, communications expert David Chrisinger, who directs the Harris Writing Program at the University of Chicago and worked in the US Government Accountability Office for a decade, argues that public policy writing is most persuasive when it tells clear, concrete stories about people doing things. Combining helpful hints and cautionary tales with writing exercises and excerpts from sample policy analysis, Chrisinger teaches readers to craft concise, story-driven pieces that exceed the stylistic requirements and limitations of traditional policy writing. Aimed at helping students and professionals overcome their default impulses to merely "explain," this book reveals proven tips-tested in the real world and in the classroom-for writing sophisticated policy analysis that is also easy to understand. For anyone interested in planning, organizing, developing, writing, and revising accessible public policy, Chrisinger offers a step-by-step guide that covers everything from the most effective use of data visualization to the best ways to write a sentence, from the ideal moment for adding a compelling anecdote to advice on using facts to strengthen an argument. This second edition addresses the current political climate and touches on policy changes that have occurred since the book was originally published. A vital tool for any policy writer or analyst, Public Policy Writing That Matters is a book for everyone passionate about using writing to effect real and lasting change.
David Chrisinger (CHICAGO, IL) is the director of the policy writing program at the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy. He is the author of Stories Are What Save Us: A Survivor's Guide to Writing about Trauma and the editor of See Me for Who I Am: Student Veterans' Stories of War and Coming Home.
Foreword, by Dr. Katherine Baicker Introduction Part I. The Thinking Behind Effective Policy Analysis 1. Clear Thinking Leads to Clear Writing 2. Mastering Deductive, Evaluative, and Prescriptive Policy Answers 3. Meeting the Unique Needs of Your Reader Part II. The Art of Policy Storytelling 4. Developing Stronger Policy Recommendations Using Human-Centered Design 5. How to Haunt Your Readers Part III. The Craft of Policy Storytelling 6. How to Structure Policy Memos and Briefs for Maximum Impact 7. Deductive and Unified Paragraphs 8. Coherent Paragraphs 9. Clear and Concise Sentences Part IV. The Necessity of Revision 10. Eleven Strategies for Ruthlessly Pruning Needless Words 11. Being Your Own Best Editor Part V. The Finishing Touches 12. Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources Properly 13. Making Figures, Tables, and Charts Work for You by James Bennett 14. A Style Guide for Policy Writing Acknowledgments Notes Suggested Further Reading About the Author Index
A thoroughly updated and expanded guide to honing your public policy writing skills-and making a significant impact on the world.
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