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Alternative Therapies for PTSD

The Science of Mind-Body Treatments
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PTSD is a disabling disorder that afflicts approximately 7% of the US population, and rates are significantly higher for people who have been assaulted, sexually abused, or who were military combatants. Trauma sufferers and clinicians often have difficulty finding ways to overcome and treat PTSD; it can be remarkably resistant to traditional psychological treatments such as cognitive behavior and prolonged exposure therapies, because these interventions often involve directly confronting past trauma, which can produce extreme levels of anxiety. Many today are therefore seeking alternatives to the standard treatments. This book summarizes what is known - as well as what is still unknown, or unproven - regarding the use and clinical effectiveness of non-traditional treatments for PTSD including mindfulness meditation, yoga, acupuncture, animal-assisted therapies, and MDMA-ecstasy. Includes clinical vignettes and insights derived from the author's experience as both a mental health provider, and a military veteran suffering from PTSD.
Prologue PTSD and Its Treatment EMDR and PTSD Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Based Interventions Exercise, Trauma, and Negative Emotional States Nature and Animal Assisted Therapies Acupuncture and PTSD Emotional Freedom Technique MDMA-Ecstasy Conclusions Resources for Trauma Sufferers and Clinician Reference
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