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Motivational Interviewing for Leaders in the Helping Professions

  • ISBN-13: 9781462543816
  • Author: Colleen Marshall (Vice President of Behavioral Health, LifeSkills, Bowling Green, KY); Anette Sogaard Nielsen (Unit of Clinical Alcohol Research, University of Southern Denmark, Odense)
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  • Local release date: 17/11/2020
  • Format: Paperback (229mm X 152mm) 250 pages Weight: 360g
Table of
Written expressly for leaders in health care and the social services, this accessible book shows how motivational interviewing (MI) can transform conversations about change within an organization. The authors demonstrate powerful ways to use MI to generate solutions and get employees and organizations unstuck, whether mentoring a staff member in a new role, addressing performance problems, or redesigning procedures or programs. Readers are guided to skillfully and ethically apply the core MI processes--engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning--in the management context. User-friendly features include reproducible worksheets, end-of-chapter self-reflection exercises, and extended case vignettes. Purchasers get access to a companion website where they can download and print these materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. This book is in the Applications of Motivational Interviewing series, edited by Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller, and Theresa B. Moyers.
I. Beginning 1.Why Motivational Interviewing and Leadership? 2. What Is Motivational Interviewing? 3. When to Use Motivational Interviewing in Leadership II. Engaging 4. Listening to Your Employee 5. Listening to Your Organization 6. Leadership Teams III. Focusing 7. Focusing with Your Employee 8. Focusing with Your Organization IV. Evoking 9. Evoking from Your Employee 10. Evoking with Your Organization V. Planning 11. Planning with Your Employee 12. Planning with Your Organization 13. How Can You Become a Better Listener? Appendices Appendix A. Matrix: Who Is to Benefit?--Leader versus Employee Appendix B. Matrix: Who Is to Benefit?--Leader versus Organization Appendix C. Motivational Interviewing Learning Plan References Index
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