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Strained and Drained

Tools for Overworked Teachers
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Teaching is not a job, it's a passion. Caring and compassionate educators will stop at nothing to be sure their students have everything they need to flourish. As teaching demands increase, the attention teachers give to their own needs is often sacrificed. The pressures of teaching are forcing educators to choose between what they love to do and their own well-being. The levels of stress are so high that teacher shortages are considered a crisis in the United States. Authors Connie Hamilton and Dorothy VanderJagt share an alternative. They believe it's possible to be a highly effective teacher and focus on yourself. Strained and Drained: Tools for Overworked Teachers describes five areas of wellness and offers realistic and practical ways that teachers can create habits to support each one. You'll find effective ways to take care of YOU, both in and out of the classroom. Wellness is not an isolated activity, it's a way of life and requires a mindset that values and prioritizes it. The strategies you gain from this book will support your physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual health and will put you at your best so you can enjoy what the authors still believe is the most important and rewarding profession on earth.
Connie Hamilton, EdS, and Dorothy VanderJagt, EdD, are dedicated educators with over fifty years of combined experience working in schools. Teachers who work with Connie and Dorothy value their expertise and feedback because they care about the whole teacher and understand the complexities and challenges of teaching.
Preface Introduction Chapter 1: Physical Wellness and Self-Care The Brain and Body Connection Getting into a Physical Grove When You Need a Physical Surge Bell-to-Bell Integration of Physical Well-Being Team up for Physical Care Feature the Teacher with Physical Wellness Educator Commitment to Physical Needs Chapter 2: Emotional Wellness and Self-Care Your State of Mind Flooding Your Life with Emotional Care When you Need an Emotional Deposit Bell-to-Bell Attention on Emotional Health Spread the Joy Feature the Teacher with Emotional Wellness Educator Commitment to Emotional Fitness Chapter 3: Cognitive Wellness and Self-Care Cerebral Fitness Daily Nourishment of Your Cognitive Wellness When You Need a Cognitive Boost Bell-to-Bell Devotion to Cognitive Care Share Your Thinking with Others Feature the Teacher with Cognitive Wellness Educator Commitment to Cognitive Fitness Chapter 4: Social Wellness and Self-Care The Role of Relationships Making Room for Balanced Socialization When You Need a Social Fix Bell-to-Bell Concentration on Social Needs Give and Get Back Feature the Teacher with Social Wellness Educator Commitment to Social Prosperity Chapter 5: Spiritual Wellness and Self-Care Rethinking Maslow's Hierarchy The Power of Peace Living with Spiritual Comfort When You Need a Spiritual Lift Bell-to-Bell Focus on Spiritual Care Sprinkle Harmony Feature the Teacher with Spiritual Wellness Educator Commitment to Spiritual Fitness Chapter 6: The Whole Teacher Multiplicative Wellness Matching Responses to Root Causes Self-Care is the Way to Wellness Apps for Your Wellness Backpack No Regrets An Invitation Bibliography About the Authors
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