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From Character to Color

The Impact of Critical Race Theory on American Education
Table of
From Character to Color was written to explore Critical Race Theory from logical, moral, and educational standpoints, as these relate to history, people and racial groups. This book is also written to explain reasons why it is a bad choice to allow the Critical Race Theory to grow unabated and continue to infect the nation.
Ernest J. Zarra III is a lifelong educator. He has authored thirteen books and over a dozen journal articles, served as a district professional development leader, presented as keynote speaker for various educational organizations, and served as assistant professor of teacher education at Lewis-Clark State College.
List of Tables List of Figures Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Critical Race Theory Chapter 2: What's the Matter with Melanin? Chapter 3: Critical Race and Common Grace Chapter 4: Analysis of Critical Race Theory Chapter 5: Critical Flaws of Critical Race Theory Chapter 6: Communities Fighting Back Appendix A: States' Legislative Decisions Regarding CRT Appendix B: Christian Colleges and CRT Appendix C: Teachers' Associations and the Progressive Agenda: Washington State About the Author
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