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Python An Introduction to Programming 2/e

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This book is an introduction to programming concepts that uses Python 3 as the target language. It follows a practical just in time presentation – material is given to the student when it is needed. Many examples will be based on games because Python has become the language of choice for basic game development. Designed as a year 1 textbook for introduction to programming classes or for the hobbyist who wants to learn the fundamentals of programming, the text assumes no programming experience.

J. R. Parker, PhD is a professor of Art Digital Media at the University of Calgary. His areas of research include computer games and media art, computer simulation, and educational technology. Dr. Parker is the author of Game Development Using Python, 2/E (Mercury Learning) and The Guide to Simulations and Games (Wiley)

0: Modern Computers. 1: Computers and Programming. 2: Repetition.3: Sequences. 4: Functions. 5: Files. 6: Classes. 7: Graphics. 8: Manipulating Data. 9: Multimedia. 10: Basic Algorithms. 11: Programming for the Sciences. 12: How to Write Good Programs. 13: Communicating with the Outside World. 14: Parsing. 15: Communicating Using Graphics.

  • Introduces programming concepts using Python 3
  • Covers basic computer concepts such as loops, strings, functions, files, graphics, multimedia, algorithms, classes, writing code, etc.
  • Develops graphics, exercises, and user interface using Pygame
  • Includes many examples based on video game development
  • 4 color throughout with game demos on the companion files
  • New chapters on parsing (14) and graphics (15)
  • Instructor ancillaries for use as a textbook
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