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For Flourishing's Sake: Using Positive Education to Support Character De

velopment and Well-being
  • ISBN-13: 9781787750241
  • Author: Roberts, Frederika
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  • Local release date: 30/11/2020
  • Format: Paperback (228mm X 152mm) 160 pages Weight: 240g
  • Categories: Teaching of students - emotional/behavioural needs[JNSL]
Table of
Positive and character education are increasingly recognised as providing valuable ways for schools to improve the individual and social development and academic attainment of all students. Introducing new approaches for whole school implementation can be a daunting task as all aspects of school life can be affected by adopting a new philosophy.
Frederika Roberts provides clear thinking, guidance and inspiration to help you introduce enhance or expand positive education in your school. Drawing on interviews with pioneering school leaders and teachers from across the globe, Roberts weaves real life examples with research backed expert advice on all aspects of integrating character education in schools, including chapters on cultural context, leadership, and staff training.
This empowering, strengths-based book is a friendly companion providing the encouragement you need, along with a healthy dose of practical ideas, to help your school and each individual in its community to flourish.
Acknowledgements; Foreword; Introduction; 1. Aims of Positive Education; 2. Unique Cultural Context; 3. Geelong Grammar School; 4. Goals Assessment; 5. Evaluation; 6. Leadership; 7. Lancot Challenger Academy; 8. Ethos & Policies; 9. Visibility & Physical Environment; 10. Staff CPD (and initial teacher training); 11. Wellbeing / character curriculum; 12. Embedded wellbeing / character learning; 13. Targeted interventions; 14. Ownership, community & parents; 15. How does it feel to run a school like this?; 16. What strengths do you need? ; 17. Dreams; References; Suggested Reading
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