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Returning from Qingcheng Mountain

Melding Daoist Practices into Daily Life
  • ISBN-13: 9781787758964
  • By Wang Yun
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  • Local release date: 14/12/2021
  • Format: Paperback (216.00mm X 138.00mm) 368 pages Weight: 510g
  • Categories: Taoism [HRKN5]
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In the third volume of Wang Yun's best selling Qingcheng Mountain series, the reader returns from the proverbial mountain to blend their Daoist meditation seamlessly into the every-day. Lofty Daoist exercises and philosophies are made graspable and usable in Wang Yun's effort to translate the old teachings on how to apply the mindset and skills of Daoist meditation, alchemy and qigong to handle all affairs of life. To this end, Returning from Qingcheng Mountain spins a blend of rare tales from Daoist lore, straightforward explanations of ways to shape the body and mind, and inspiring stories from Wang Yun's own practice path. To 'remain natural in all things' is the tenet that pervades every page, an eternal invitation toward being at ease, no matter the circumstances. By doing so, one returns to the world out there and handles mundane matters with poise and efficiency, transforming all the challenges and joys and relationships of daily life into a practice, a meditation, and a chance to grow and develop one's spirit, and by token, the body.
Author's Dedication Translator's Preface Returning from Qingcheng Mountain - Melding Mind, Movement and Life 1. Unifying Mind and Qi - the Secret to Success in Daoist Cultivation 2. Sixteen Gold Ingots; Each Word a Precious Treasure 3. Sincere and Blameless: Still the Mind and Become a Sage 4. How to Cultivate Vast Qi Amidst Fame and Fortune 5. Unmoved by the Eight Winds - the Nature of Mental Cultivation 6. Assess Oneself - Conserve the Mind, Return to Stillness 7. Stabilize the Mind, Cultivate Vital Energy 8. Handle Affairs Harmoniously, Unhindered in Both Movement and Stillness 9. A Patriarch of the Dragon Gate Sect Meets the Emperor 10. To Cultivate the Dao, Focus on Accumulating Good Deeds 11. On Cessation of Thought for a Quiet Mind, and the Core Theories of Vitality 12. An Introduction to the Inner Alchemy Practice of Quieting the Mind 13. When the Mind is Unhindered, Action and Stillness are Unified 14. Hold to the Precepts, Return to the Source - Transform the Physical and the Spiritual 15. Meditation Secrets to Stop External Distractions 16. Indian Meditation - a Spoke on the Same Wheel 17. The 12-Step Brocade to Move Qi Throughout the Body 18. Anaerobic Disease - Regulate Breath to Benefit Life 19. The First Step to Cultivating Health: Uniting Breath and Mind 20. Doing Away with Insomnia Through Meditation and Regulation of the Mind 21. The Intercommunication of the Three Doctrines: Reason and Matters Do Not Hinder One Another 22. The Key Point of the School of Complete Reality; Returning to One's True Self Nature 23. Leng Qian: An Exemplary Immortal 24. Nourish the Kidneys and Calm the Mind; Water and Fire will Harmonize 25. The 'Eight Pieces of Brocade' Exercises to Benefit Health and Longevity 26. Cultivating the Mind to Return to the Original Nature - Longevity is Level with the Heavens 27. The Change of Miraculous Powers, Crossing Over Eras and Benefiting Life 28. Neither Grasping nor Guarding, a Myriad Originations are Let Go Of 29. The Great Pool of Desire; Taboos of Daoist Cultivators 30. Depart from Worry and Emotionality; The Eight Hurdles of Daoist Practice 31. The Careful Transmission of a Wise Master, Managing Meditation-Induced Erection 32. Jiang Weiqiao's Meditation Manual - A Stepping Stone for Beginners 33. Regulate the Breath with Rapt Attention; Without Adding or Subtracting Anything 34. Abstain from Clinging, and the Ultimate Elixir Will Coalesce 35. Elder Zhang's Guidance on the Beginnings of Daoist Study 36. Remain Centered, Holding Fast to One Principle: Mind and Breath Will Align 37. The Benevolent Teacher's Instructions on How to Grasp the Truth of the Dao 38. Release Your Grip on Fate, Cultivate Happiness and Wisdom 39. Concentrate the Spirit on Reflecting Illumination; Refine the Spirit to Become One with the Void 40. Rid Yourself of Absurd Thinking, Return to Truth Through the Daoist Arts 41. In Buddhism and Daoism, Understanding and Practice Hold Equal Weight 42. Li Bai's Forgetful Tendencies Ending His Career as an Official 43. True Immortal High Wind, Indifferent Attainment of the Root 44. Refining the Mind to the Miraculous Dao, Both One's Person and the Way Vanish 45. Master Wenshi - Purity, Tranquility and Non-Action 46. Let Go of All Karmic Ties; Return the Gaze Towards Self-Nature 47. No Desire, No Selfishness; The True Mind Is Without Hindrance 48. Exceeding the World, The Ordinary is the Dao 49. Referring to the Cantong Qi, One Begins to Comprehend Their Roots 50. All Teachings are Empty, One's Nature is Already Complete Appendix - Practice Guide and Exercises The 12-Step Brocade - Qi Bathing Techniques for Longevity Preparatory Stance 1st Exercise 2nd Exercise 3rd Exercise 4th Exercise 5th Exercise 6th Exercise 7th Exercise 8th Exercise 9th Exercise 10th Exercise 11th Exercise 12th Exercise Eight Pieces of Brocade Eight Pieces of Brocade - Preliminary Exercise 1st Exercise - Two Hands Holding up the Sky, Aligning the Triple Burner 2nd Exercise - Drawing the Bow Left and Right, Like a Condor 3rd Exercise - Single Arm Stretches to Rejuvenate Spleen and Stomach 4th Exercise - Seven Jolts to Eliminate All Illness 5th Exercise - Withdraw the Fists and Glare to Increase Vigor 6th Exercise - Looking Back at Your Illnesses 7th Exercise - Shake the Head and Wag the Tail to Get Rid of Heart Fire 8th Exercise - Grabbing the Feet with Two Hands to Strengthen the Lower Back
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