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The Writing Game

50 Evidence-Informed Writing Activities for GCSE and A Level
  • ISBN-13: 9781913622916
  • By Robin Hardman
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  • Local release date: 21/04/2022
  • Format: Paperback (210.00mm X 148.00mm) 200 pages Weight: 300g
  • Categories: Teaching skills & techniques [JNT]
As every humanities or social science teacher knows, success in exam years relies on pupils' ability to blend subject knowledge with writing skills. But teachers face two significant problems in developing writing in their classroom: many pupils regard writing practice as a chore or a punishment; and research on writing instruction remains difficult for busy teachers to access. The Writing Game: 50 Evidence-Informed Writing Activities for GCSE and A Level aims to solve these problems by providing a must-read practical toolkit for teachers looking to help their pupils to write their way into the top grades, offering a menu of engaging lesson activities that can be modified to suit any subject context. With activities covering modelling, practice, and feedback, The Writing Game supports teachers to deliver research-informed strategies at every stage of the learning process. Perfect for teachers, middle leaders, and senior leaders, The Writing Game also contains tips on how to incorporate writing practice into regular subject content, formative assessment, and retrieval practice. Each activity is fully explained and accompanied by top tips for maximising effective learning, suggested adaptations, and links to appropriate research. Activities range from rapid five-minute starters and plenaries to whole-lesson extended writing tasks, with plenty in between, and busy teachers will be relieved to hear that many require very little preparation.
Robin Hardman is Head of Politics at a school in south-west London. Educated at Durham University and King's College London, he is also a freelance writer on education. His articles have previously been published in Tes, Times Higher Education, Spectator Schools, and Impact. He spends his weekends playing, coaching, and watching a number of sports, especially rugby, and - pandemics permitting - his holidays travelling across Europe and beyond.
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