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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

The Killing Chronicle

Police Service and Shattered Lives
Early 20th century criminals were at their worst and their excesses created  havoc. The times were hard and made even  more difficult with the beginning  of WWII, when hand-guns, explosives and ‘Tommie’ guns became easy currency and were used with malice and astounding recklessness.  Alan Leek,  an awarded  police veteran,  recounts incredible true stories from this period through the  lens of a man who has personally experienced and witnessed the life-changing  impacts of service.  He pays tribute to the ethos and courage of  police and their contribution during a period when police responses were not directed by psychological or sociological methodologies but by brawn and bravery. This compilation of stories  includes the callous Anzac Day anniversary shooting of a constable, the murder of a decorated country constable that ended with the  posthumous award of the George Cross,  the cowardly stabbing death of a constable who had survived Africa, Greece, Ceylon and New Guinea, accounts of front line country police mercilessly cut down  and other stories of  goal break-outs, gun flights and carnage.Some of the crimes dealt with here are horrific and  tragic. They are not easy to take in, even today, but they need to be told  to set the record straight and  ensure that the victims are remembered beyond their names being chiselled into stone.
Author lives in Camden Head, NSW. Alan Leek is a 34 year veteran of the police. He served as a detective, before taking up command positions, including the tough Cabramatta patrol, then the centre of heroin trafficking in Australia and the site of Australia’s first political assassination. He retired with the rank of superintendent. He holds an Associate Diploma in Justice Administration (Distinction); Post Graduate Diploma in Police Management and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, USA. He also holds the prestigious Peter Mitchell Award for outstanding performance of police duty, after leading a murder investigation. In 2018, he published his first book Frederick Whirlpool VC.
* Written by a respected author and  police veteran who was awarded the prestigious Peter Mitchell Award for police duty. * Includes unexplored true crimes in a period that changed the nature of policing.* A  compilation of true stories that will captivate and amaze - all true and stranger than fiction.* Written for the general public but will appeal to police and former police, covering the impact on  officers and families, including the families of  victims and murderers.* Released in time for National Police Remembrance Day - 29 September. * Extensive national pr/media and social media campaign.
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