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The A-Z of Money

The A-Z of Money is designed as a simple and easy way to teach your tiny entrepreneurs about the basics of finance.
Hayley and Jeff are a father-daughter duo. Jeff raised 5 children and always aimed to give them a sound understanding of finances, “things you don’t learn in school.” It was something he was never taught and meant he had to learn from his own - sometimes costly - mistakes. Hayley has enjoyed a successful career in real estate, whilst building her own property portfolio over the years. They wanted to write a book together to educate children after noticing a gap in the market. It is equally important to Jeff to educate the future generations, including his 5 grandchildren, who get precious metals for their Birthday and Christmas presents! Jeff is now semi-retired and spends his days researching the markets, with particular interest in gold and silver. He is very proud of all of children, all who have gone on to be very successful. Alongside progressing with her career in real estate, Hayley plans to grow her investment portfolio looking at other options, such as precious metals and crypto currencies. NSW, Australia. Trent Lambert is an illustrator currently drawing in southern Adelaide. Trent loves creating characters with a story, the world they live in, and why they are how they are. His earliest memories of drawing are re-illustrating Mario Bros castles, but with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining in too. His love for cartoons, illustration and animation come from 90's cartoons, video games, toys, street art, skateboarding and all things wacky and weird. After receiving an Advanced Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design in 2011, it was time to hit the real world - by drawing a cartoon one. In his free time, Trent hangs out with his wife and cats, playing video games, gardening or collecting toys. SA, Australia.
* A great introduction into the world of finance, a subject that can be hard to comprehend, for children and adults! * Book outlines relevant terms in a succinct way using the alphabet. * Simple, striking illustrations with a range of characters.

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