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How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking 2/e

Do you break into a cold sweat at the very thought of being asked to make a speech? Then, when the moment finally comes for you to stand up and face your audience are you so nervous your legs feel weak and your hand tremble? If so, author Laurie Smale understands your plight because he used to experience the same thing. Now, after years of developing effective and successful techniques in public speaking, Laurie uses his unique panic-free two-way conversation style to help change the lives of thousands. And, the truth is, all he’s been doing is help people to see things differently and draw on the natural way they already speak successfully in informal conversational settings. This easy-to-read book bottles all this proven panic-free magic and simplifies everything you’ll ever need to know about effective public speaking. It neatly bypasses the scary scenario of struggling to be a fear-filled public speaker, and fast-tracks you to being a friendly, approachable person confidently chatting with friends - whatever the situation. This second edition is a gold mine of ideas and inspirations that will show you how to uncover your own self-worth; shed the ‘formal’ public speaking straight jacket of what you should and shouldn’t do; and discover your ‘informal’, natural self… the real person your listeners have come to listen to. From now on you’ll not only believe you’ve earned the right to be there, you’ll confidently deliver what you want to say as the warm and friendly human being you are. This comprehensive, thought-shifting book reveals it all.
Laurie Smale, inspirational speaker, author, and master speaking coach has been weaving his unique magic in helping people believe in themselves and communicate with confidence for more than four decades. His life-changing products on self-worth and communicating effectiveness - including his latest book, ‘Finding Me/Finding You’ and the newly released second edition of his classic, ‘How to take the Panic out of Public Speaking’ - are now available to everyone.
* What makes this book refreshingly unique is it unashamedly deals with an aspect of public speaking that many books on the subject find too hard to tackle - self-acceptance through a clear understanding of your personal journey. * This comprehensive self-paced book evolved over many years of helping hundreds of people overcome their fears in my panic-free, public speaking workshops. It is a direct result of questions that crop up again and again, such as: “What do I say?”, “What if I make a fool of myself?”, “What if I go blank?”,”What do I do with my hands?”, “What about my nerves?”, “Why wasn’t I born with this gift?” and “I wish I could be confident without everyone staring at me.” * This book is jam-packed with heaps of tips, easy-to-use strategies and simple self-help monitoring exercises after each segment, this mind-opening program will show you precisely how to tap into your elusive talents and be the confident speaker you’ve always wanted to be. * Laurie has in the past been a regular guest on the ABC Melbourne Radio morning show as well as having appearances on TV. With this book Laurie plans to approach a range of TV and radio shows as well as doing a digital launch and ongoing publicity through social media channels.
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