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“At long last, a book that tells us everything we need to know about gin” Unmistakably, gin is in. With global growth close to hitting double digits annually, interest in this spirit is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Almost 30% of Australians are spirit drinkers, and with new and exciting craft gin brands popping up weekly, this comes as no surprise.But there’s more to the world’s fastest growing spirit than meets the eye. Not to be mistaken for just another on-trend ‘booze-in-a-bottle’, every gin has its unique point of difference. Whether it’s the botanicals included, style of gin produced or the distilling method used, every gin has a DNA and personality of its own. No longer considered the ‘mother’s ruin’, there’s a perfect gin for everyone. The fun is in embarking on your own gin journey and discovering your favourites. This book teaches you everything you need to know for your own gin journey - beginning with gin’s crazy, unexpected origins and travelling through the history of time to the here and now. Covering gin styles, botanicals commonly (and not so commonly) used and the finer details on how to drink your gin, this book very simply shares it all. If you’re not already on the ‘gin bandwagon’, there’s never been a better time to start than right now. All you need is an easy afternoon with this book in one hand and a gin in the other – before you know it, you’ll be your own gin expert with a wealth of knowledge, a bundle of great cocktail ideas and some clear guidance to discovering your favourite tipple. But be warned, there won’t be just one… and that’s the beauty of gin. Clare Voitin’s experience in gin began way back, when her long-standing favourite G&T (‘hold the gin please’), evolved into establishing her own gin brand - ‘Heathcote Gin’ - and securing one of Australia’s biggest liquor retailers as her very first customer before launching the brand. Now Clare’s favourite G&T (‘hold the tonic please’), is in the form of her own creation, and she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge of gin with the wider gin-inspired community.
Clare Voitin is a published author, farmer, organic food grower, expert mulch mover, mother of three boys and, now, the founder of Heathcote Gin. As a primary producer and ethical farmer for over 20 years, Clare has always adopted an ethical and sustainable approach to farming and agriculture, striving to protect and respect the land she is privileged to use, and to ensure a more sustainable future in farming is possible for the generations that may follow in her footsteps. Her love of growing food and discovering new local indigenous edible plants and botanicals to grow have guided Clare down the path of creating her own brand of gin. From a crazy idea in December 2018, to her first ‘very drinkable’ gin in early 2019, Clare soon realised that there was so much to learn - and share - with gin lovers about the absolute beauty of the world's fastest growing spirit.
* There is no book written quite like this one. Gin books in the past have been written with either the majority of the book dedicated to well-known gin brands (ie: a photograph and write up on the gin) and present as a bit of info-mercial book that has been funded by the gin brands themselves (using a Smudge Publishing model) or as a cheaper book that gives a brief overview on topics around gin with quick diagrams and sketch images, rather than beautiful photography. * None of these books have been really presented as a coffee table book or dedicated solely to the topic of gin. * The book was written for people who want to learn more about gin. It has been written to educate and also entertain the reader in a relaxed style, that is an easy, but informative read. * The reader is typically a gin lover, or someone who is keen to learn more about gin. It is a great gift purchase (both in content and price) and visually designed to be a great book piece on someone's coffee table at home. * This book is not only beautifully presented visually, but informative on the topic of gin from its first creation to now. It is written in an easy-to-understand style and designed to not only educate but entertain. * The author has done extensive research on books around the topic of gin and has not found a book quite like the one she has written Most books are smaller in size, basic in their visual (bookshelf) presence, and talk about some of the world's best known gins, rather than about gin itself. Publicity: * Social media campaigns through our own channels, as well as on highly-engaged FB gin platforms, with a collective reach over over 200,000 followers. * Planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign for 30 days in the next 2 weeks to garner initial interest. * Also engaging the services of Scott Easthorne, PR specialist.

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