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    Dancing with Deception

    Love, Lust & Deceit in Occupied Paris

    Marisa Carnarvon is an enigma to her family. In 1938 she turns her back on her family’s money and status and leaves her comfortable pre-war Sydney lifestyle to become a nurse in a London city hospital.  Against the backdrop of looming conflict, she moves to a Red Cross hospital in Paris in July 1939, totally unprepared for the challenge of life in an occupied city. In June 1940 the Germans invade Paris and the young nurse is soon ppressured by the leader of the local resistance cell to work for the fledgling movement. Her life is further enmeshed by the arrival of a new Gestapo chief who sets out to seduce her. Marisa’s position becomes increasingly precarious as the resistance hunts for a traitor in the organisation. Suspicion falls on one of the hospital’s doctors and he is murdered, throwing Marisa into the resistance firing line.As the war approaches its climax, Marisa’s Gestapo lover flees and the young nurse follows. He is ultimately revealed as a key operator in a resistance escape line that traverses four countries. But he has a secret which threatens to crush him. Marisa finally discovers the truth behind the man who risked his life to save others in a masterpiece of deception.

    Catherine McCullagh is a highly respected editor and author. She has worked as an editor and advisor on numerous military and Australian history books and has two published works to her name, Willingly into the Fray, a narrative history of the first 100 years of Australian Army nursing, and War Child, the true story of a woman who grew up in pre-war Germany, which she ghost-wrote for Annette Janic. Dancing with Deception is her first novel.

    A book with broad appeal to men, women and young adults, as it combines the elements of well researched history with the essential components of a great story/ Many of the books characters are based on historical figures who left diaries and letters and whose stories live on/ A page-turning story of deception, heroism based around the little known aspects of the German occupation of France that avoids stereotyping and dispels many of the myths of the resistance/The author is a well-respected military history author and editor who has brought her knowledge to write credible and compelling historical fiction/ Supported by an extensive national and online PR and media campaign

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