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    It's OK to feel the way you do


    Winner 2018 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) 

    Everyone has feelings … sometimes we just don’t know what to do with them! Happy, sad, lonely, angry, anxious, proud, scared – they’re all feelings and emotions and they’re all OK! 

    In this bright and heartening book, Josh Langley helps kids get to know and make friends with their feelings. Bursting with simple and effective ways that kids can notice and handle difficult emotions like anger, anxiety, and loss and also rejoice in the positive feelings such as joy, empathy and happiness, this is a little book with a big message. 

    It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do empowers kids to understand and share their feelings so they can enjoy life a whole lot more. 

    Langley overcame some twists and turns early in life, going on to become an award winning advertising copywriter and inspirational author of four picture books and two non-fiction books. His unique view on the world and story of hope has
    inspired thousands of people of all ages to find joy in their own lives. Langley is a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Josh says his motivation to write kids books is to help kids get to know and talk about their feelings from a young age, so we just might avoid a tragedy later in life.

    • The ideal book for today’s generation of primary aged kids 5 to 12 dealing with emotions, anxiety and the pressure of
    our modern society.
    • Follow up to the groundbreaking book, Being You is Enough.
    • A unique book for kids to help them with emotions and feelings.
    • An uplifting book for kids with anxiety or learning difficulties.
    • A great resource for educators to support the health and wellbeing component of the national curriculum, and pastoral
    care co-ordinators providing support in schools.

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