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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

The Big Blue Hullabaloo


Annie loves to balance butterflies on the tip of her nose and bounce up gum trees. Then one day she finds herself feeling rather blue. With help from old and new friends, Annie fights the big blue hullabaloo with all her might! Will she ever feel like her old self once again?

Andrea Smith was born in the rural town of Emerald in Queensland, while her mum was fossicking for sapphires in the Gemfields. Exploring England in a Kombi Van, venturing over hills in Hong Kong, and surviving a ‘David and Goliath’ battle with leukaemia are just a few of her more
memorable moments. Andrea became a bibliophile at a very young age. It was her passion for books that led her to teach primary school children for over 25 years. She believes that she is smart enough to never stop learning and recently achieved a Masters High Achievement Award in Inclusive Education.
Living by the sea in Hervey Bay, she shares a home with her husband and two very creative miracle girls. When she is not at her desk tapping on a keyboard or sketching out a new character, she can be found pulling a cake out of the oven, watering sunflowers in the garden, collecting eggs from the chook house or dusting off her ever-growing collection of picture books. The Big Blue Hullabaloo is her debut book.

Aleksandra Szmidt grew up in a town in the south of Poland and currently resides in New Zealand. In Poland, she worked as a graphic designer. Upon moving she decided to pursue her dream as a freelance illustrator. From her home studio, Aleksandra creates one-of-a-kind artwork for clients across the world. Her love of drawing plants and animals is attributed to her landscape architecture studies. However, she prefers to design magical things often detached from reality. The majority of her artwork is traditionally created with watercolor, gouache, colored pencil. She also uses computer program like Photoshop. She loves her job and it brings her immense joy and an emotional connection to her artwork.

Leukemia is the most prevalent childhood cancer.
Can lead to open conversations with children if they or a close family member is fighting the Big C.
It can also raise awareness of a top killer of Koalas in Australia.

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