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Time for Tai Chi

Join Talia as she enters an amazing wonderland of imagination and awe-inspiring happiness. Talia knows that whenever she now feels slightly tense or wants to relax, it’s time for Tai Chi.
Janet Currie is Associate Professor in Health & Physical Education and Deputy Head of the School of International Studies & Education at University of Technology Sydney. Janet has a background in school teaching, university lecturing, the fitness industry, community health promotion and health policy. Her research focuses on the benefits of leisure and physical activity in the context of social and emotional well-being. Janet has a special interest in the exercise class experience, and is a qualified fitness leader. She has published numerous journal articles, books and educational materials on health promotion, including in relation to motherhood and people with additional needs. She created ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’, a teaching resource developed with the National Rugby League of Australia as a tool to deliver effective health education messages using sport as the key focus. Janet has nationally represented in netball, athletics and rowing. As a child, Naya decided to become an illustrator of children’s books. She graduated in Book Illustration, from the Printing and Publishing department at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. She predominantly uses watercolor and pencils. Her favourite genre to illustrate is Fantasy. She aims to shape people’s perception of the world from a very young age, and wants her stories and drawings to make people smile. In her spare time, Naya teaches children to use their imagination while creating their first pictures. She currently lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine. Her website is, Instagram @bookwood_illustration and Facebook
* A great introduction to Tai Chi and the positive physical, spiritual and mental benefits of activity. * Fantastical illustrations in a calming, muted colour palette, that will sweep up readers on their magical journey of discovery. * The author is a renowned educator, so understands the needs for accessible communication of concepts and ideas.

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