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Music & Entertainment Marketing

A practical user's guide
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Music and Entertainment Marketing takes a close look at the complexities of bringing an artist’s work to their audience. This practical guide will help students, teachers and artists through the maze of marketing and promotional possibilities that confronts the music industry in Australia today. The book helps the reader understand the fundamental issues and examines the theory and practice of best leveraging both paid and ‘free’ opportunities.

Ben O’Hara has taught music industry business courses at a number of institutions across Australia. He is currently Dean of the Australian College of Arts and a board member of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association. Mark Beard has extensive experience in arts, events, educational and corporate marketing and is director of Kreshendo, a brand-digital marketing agency on the Sunshine Coast. He has also taught music business and marketing courses at a number of Australian institutes.

1 Introduction

2 Researching Music Opportunities

3 Segmenting and Targeting Music Markets

4 Artist’s Portfolio

5 Music Brands and Branding

6 Music Distribution

7 Pricing Music

8 Intro to Marketing Communications

9 Earned Media

10 Owned Media (Digital Marketing)

11 Paid Media (Advertising)

12 Paid Media (Marketing Channels)

13 Writing a Music Marketing Plan

* The Practical Users Guides for the Music Industry by Ben OHara and Mark Beard are recognised as the best curriculum-based texts available.
* Each book contains detailed text on areas of the music industry with study questions, short tests, discussion points and practical exercises.
* Marketing to institutional bodies and relevant personnel.
* The only Australian book to focus on this critical area of the music industry.
* Bang up to date with the latest in digital marketing advances.
* Specifically written to cover Cert II, Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma curricula
* Authors have a balance of academic and commercial experience – theory and practical knowledge combine perfectly

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