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Yoga for Travellers

Yoga for Travellers

  • ISBN-13: 9781906756253
  • Publisher: YOGAWORDS LTD
  • Author: Ellinghaus, Jennifer J.
  • Price: AUD 32.99
  • Format: Paperback (175mm X 140mm) 216 pages Weight: 280g
How do I keep my yoga practice going while I travel? What are the best postures for jet-lag? What stretches should I do after scuba-diving? Or cycling? Or the morning after a big night out? Is there a good yoga sequence for when I'm feeling tired and lonely? What do I do if there's not enough space for my mat? The answer to all these questions and much more lies within the pages of this little book. Written by a seasoned yoga teacher and international traveller, whose positive and compassionate wisdom comes through on every page, this is the only travel yoga book you will ever need.
Jennifer Ellinghaus has been backpacking since 1997 and teaching Yoga since 2006. She trained as a yoga teacher at The Life Centre (now Yogacampus) in London, and has also been influenced by her teachers Charlotte Bliss, Graham Burns, Doug Keller, Susanne Lahusen and Rod Stryker. Jenny believes everyone can benefit from practicing yoga, and has a light-hearted approach to teaching. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.
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