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Tasmania [1MBFT]
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  • Counterpack 6 copy - WTR Tasmania

  • Counterpack (including 6 copies)

    What could be better than to get away on your bike with a friend to explore the glorious and pristine landscape of Tasmania? With stunning photography and an appealing writing style, Andrew Bain will guide you along 45 of Tasmania’s most beautiful rides. 


  • ISBN-13: WRTTAS06PAK (Counterpack – filled)
  • Publisher: WHERE TO RIDE
    Imprint: WHERE TO RIDE
  • Price:
    AUD $209.94
  • Stock: 0 in stock
  • Local release date: 20/09/2011
  • Availability: This book is temporarily out of stock, order will be despatched as soon as fresh stock is received.
  • Categories: Walking, hiking, trekking [WSZC]Travel & holiday guides [WTH]Australia [1MBF]Tasmania [1MBFT]
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