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  • You Can Always Find Someone To Have A Beer With!

  • The Phil O'Brien Collection
  • Security and the suburbs never really appealed to Phil OBrien, so he unshackled the chains of society and through them out the car window, and set himself free... many years and about 200 different jobs later he is still out there roaming around! His life has evolved into a fascinating unique combination of freedom, and the desire to experience ......
  • ISBN-13: 9780958066730 (Paperback)
  • Publisher: PHIL O'BRIEN
    Imprint: PHIL O'BRIEN
  • Author: O'Brien, Phil
  • Price:
    AUD $22.99
  • Stock: 16 in stock
  • Local release date: 16/06/2015
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  • Categories: Humour collections & anthologies [WHX]Australia [1MBF]
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