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Academic Books Overview

Woodslane represents many internationally renowned publishers who produce titles for the academic text book market. Our text book team is available to suggest appropriate text titles for academic courses and provide you with inspection copies of these titles for consideration on their suitability.

Inspection Copies

Inspection copies of our textbooks are usually available to university lecturers and educators who are considering prescribing the specified book for a course adoption.

To request an inspection copy, simply search for the book using our search functions, note you can filter to only show Text books. If an inspection copy of that title is available, you will be able to click on the ‘Academic Inspection Copy’ button, and complete the form.

Should you request an inspection copy from Woodslane, the following terms and conditions apply:-

  1. The inspection copy can only be sent to the address of the institution where the course is taught.
  2. An Inspection Feedback Form will be supplied with each inspection copy. It is part of our terms that in return for Woodslane supplying these inspection copies you will complete and return the form within 60 days to tell us your opinion of the book. Failure to supply this information will prevent us from supplying further inspection copies.
  3. Woodslane should be notified if you have chosen to adopt the book
  4. You may keep an inspection copy with our compliments if you complete and return the Inspection Feedback Form. If you do not wish to complete the Inspection Feedback Form then you should return the book to us in mint condition or inform us if you wish to purchase the title and provide us with your payment details.
  5. Some books are not available for inspection, only those selected Woodslane with potential for Higher Education level study and which have course potential will be offered for inspection.
  6. Books will only be sent to course leaders with class groups of 10 students or more.
  7. Where applicable, we will supply titles in the paperback edition, however we reserve the right to supply inspection copies in electronic format when available