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    Future Fit

    How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work
    “In a global world where ideas, fashion, technology and corporations move seamlessly from place to place it is logical that both the present and the future belongs to the skilled, to the agile and to the resilient… this is what Future Fit is all about.” Bernard Salt AM According to author Andrea Clarke, founder of CareerCEO and creator of its Future of Work Program, we all need a new kind of job security. Around the world, the nature of work and business is on the move. Digital disruption, globalisation and the casualisation of the workforce is drastically re-shaping the way we live and how we do business. Leading management consulting firms all agree that we can expect significant job disruption across all industries. But, they also agree that human skills will always be in demand. In fact, they won’t be just in demand, it’s widely acknowledged that it’s the ‘human’ skills that will enable us to not just survive the pending disruption but thrive in the age of accelerations. In her fascinating new book, which starts with the author’s memories of flying into wartime Bagdad, you will learn how to acquire the following stills to become future fit in the workplace: Personal brand Adaptability Communication Networking Creativity Problem-solving Leadership Lifelong learning The only job security we have is that which we create by exploring each of these human skills which will help us all lean towards change and become an asset to ourselves and the company we work for, instead of a liability.
    Andrea Clarke’s career spans being a TV news reporter covering major news events for Al Jazeera English, the Pentagon Channel, the Seven Network and Reuters, including the US Presidential Election, the Virginia Tech campus shooting and Hurricane Katrina. She then became a media officer for an international aid organisation, where her role was to support programs to rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia by gathering stories from the frontline. In 2009, Andrea was hired to serve as Senior Communication Director for the Save Darfur Coalition - the largest grassroots advocacy movement in the world. She now heads up Career CEO, equipping professionals with the critical human skills required to thrive in the future of work. Andrea is a regular commentator for the Sydney Morning Herald and Sky Business News.
    Introduction by Bernard Salt -- Get comfortable with the idea of change. 1. Bombshell in Baghdad 2. Developing your personal brand 3. Honing your communication skills 4. Adaptability is key 5. Creativity is crucial 6. Leadership in the new world of work 8. Networking wins every time 9. Problem-solving 9. Continuous learning Afterword by Bernard Salt
    * Highly topical subject of navigating the new world of work - full of practical advice. * Supported by high profile Bernard Salt for has written a bonus chapter and the Afterword. * Very readable text with author's experience of working in war zones providing analogies.
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