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Haunted Presidents

Ghosts in the Lives of the Chief Executives
  • ISBN-13: 9780811706223
  • Publisher: STACKPOLE BOOKS (NBN)
  • By Charles A. Stansfield
  • Price: AUD $29.99
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  • Local release date: 15/08/2010
  • Format: Paperback (230.00mm X 155.00mm) 136 pages Weight: 240g
  • Categories: Ghosts & poltergeists [VXQG]USA [1KBB]
Have the men who held the high-pressure job of running the nation become restless spirits, reluctant or unable to leave the world of the living? This book follows the nation's presidents chronologically, from George Washington to Ronald Reagan, with stories about their ghostly manifestations, their experiences with unexplained phenomena, and odd encounters involving members of their families. Readers will learn about Washington's phantom appearance at the Battle of Gettysburg, Dolley Madison's spirit in the White House rose garden, Andrew Jackson's encounter with the Bell Witch, Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dreams, the mischievous ghost of Franklin D. Roosevelt's dog Fala, Richard Nixon's spiritual conferences with dead presidents, and the odd demon cat that materialises prior to national disasters.
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