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Crochet Creatures of Myth and Legend

19 Designs Easy Cute Critters to Legendary Beasts
Gargoyles, Griffins, and Hippogriffs, oh my! Since 2017, Megan Lapp of Crafty Intentions has built a following for her unique crochet creations. Her crochet creatures are like nothing else out there! They are intricately detailed and colorful, and yet with her step-by-step instructions, anyone can achieve her results. Crochet Creatures of Myth and Legend includes 13 Cute Critter patterns-small and adorable creatures that are quick and fun to make and a great place to start-and 6 Standard Size mythological beasts in all their glory, including a dragon, kraken, feathered serpent, owl griffin, phoenix, and unicorn. Megan's imagination is always at play, and many of her patterns include various options for wing styles, feathers, and more. The dragon pattern is a masterpiece of options, with multiple variations for ears, back scales, tail, face plates, and more. Cute Critters include Pegasus, Phoenix, Wyvern, Jackalope, and more. Grab your hook and a few colorful skeins of worsted weight yarn, and start crocheting your own creatures of myth and legend!
Megan Lapp of Crafty Intentions has been creating crochet creatures from her imagination since 2017, and has amassed thousands of fans who just can't wait for her next exciting design. Megan's background is in the Fine Arts, having graduated with honors from Lafayette College with a double major in Art and Music. Most of her artwork was three-dimensional in nature, but while she could always envision what she wanted to make, she could never get it to turn out quite the way she saw it in her head-until she discovered crochet! With crochet, she was suddenly able to create exactly what she wanted, and with time was able to translate her ideas into patterns for others to follow, and Crafty Intentions was born.
Every pattern is my favorite pattern! Beginner to advanced: every row is written so clearly. Crafty Intentions makes it easy to bring imagination to life. Megan Lapp is my favorite designer by a dragon's length.--Ashley Lodge It all starts with that one pattern--next thing you know, Megan has you crocheting like a master, taming whatever beast you like!--Jasmin Parkin Megan's mastery of design, creativity, and artistry is one of a kind. The EXPERIENCE of creating a Megan Lapp pattern is worth the time and energy that goes into it. These creatures come to life one stitch after another. I come to Megan's patterns as much for the journey as I do the destination!--Rae Lynn Chase What's amazing about these patterns is how flexible they are! I love that my creativity can soar by mixing and matching from different patterns and making something that is uniquely mine without the stress of having to figure it all out on my own.--Kari Kontoleon WARNING: Crafty Intentions patterns may be ADDICTIVE! Whether you're a beginner or advanced crocheter, once you get started you won't be able to stop! If you're ok with sharing your home with all sorts of magical beasties, then you'll LOVE these designs and patterns.--Sarah Weinstein
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