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9780826195463 Add to Cart Academic Inspection Copy

Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers

  • ISBN-13: 9780826195463
  • Author: Luu, Brent Q.; Kayingo, Gerald; Hass, Virginia McCoy
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  • Local release date: 29/05/2021
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 848 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Dentistry [MMD]Pharmacology [MMG]Intensive care nursing [MQCL2]Nursing pharmacology [MQCM]
Delivers the critical information primary care providers need to be thoroughly informed prescribers.This unique resource-an evidence-based pharmacology text and reference for advanced practice students and clinicians-guides users in analyzing the pharmacological foundations of drug therapy and fosters the development of sound clinical judgment in determining the appropriate medication for every patient across the lifespan. Targeting the specific needs of APRN and PA students and clinicians, the text is a "bridge" between standard, lengthy pharmacology texts and quick pocket references that lack information regarding key pharmacotherapy principles. Featuring an applied therapeutic approach to major disorders and their pharmacologic treatment, the book examines how medications act on the body and visa versa, while teaching the rationale for using specific therapeutic agents or drug classes. Each chapter includes case studies that apply the concepts discussed, relevant diagnostic studies, applicable guidelines, genomics, and important lifespan considerations. Of special interest is a chapter on pharmacogenetics explaining the basic principles underlying our current understanding of genetic variations in response to pharmacotherapy and adverse drug reactions. Easily digestible chapters include objectives and review questions. Ancillary resources include an instructor manual with learning objectives, chapter summaries, and case studies; chapter PowerPoint slides; test bank; and image bank. Key Features: Delivers an applied, evidence-based foundation on the basic science underlying prescribing Targets the specific needs of APRN and PA students and professionals and related healthcare providers Provides clinical decision-making tools and principles to support sound prescribing judgment Focuses on synthesizing drugs to manage commonly occurring disorders Includes strategies for addressing the needs of specific populations throughout the lifespan Includes abundant case studies illuminating key concepts Includes a robust instructor manual with learning objectives, chapter summaries, and case studies; PowerPoint slides; test bank; and image bank. Purchase includes access to the eBook for use on most mobile devices or computers.
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