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Birds of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

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More than 250 species of birds are recorded in Cornwall every year. This books includes them all, with spectacular colour photographs of all the common ones, most of the uncommon ones, and some of the rarer birds. It includes 'at a glance' details of seasons, habitats, status, and places in which to see them.
Author of Wild about Cornwall (Alison Hodge, 2007), David Chapman is a trustee of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and is passionate about the protection of our wild places. He is a professional photographer and writer, and his work is featured regularly in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Gardens Monthly, Natural World, Bird Watching, Birds Illustrated, Cornwall Today, Cornwall Life, Devon Life, Somerset Life, MMM, The Caravan Club Magazine and Smallholder. His photographs are stocked by a number of photographic libraries. David has twice won double awards from the Outdoor Writers Guild for Photography and Excellence in Writing, and his photographs regularly win competitions at both local and national levels. He is the author of Wild about Cornwall and Penwith Moods (alison Hodge, 2007).
IntroductionAbout this BookYhe SpeciesSome Top Spots for BirdingIndex of Birds Recorded AnnuallyOrganizations and Groups
'packed with fantastic images and clear information ... compact enough to carry around on a day out ..."David has an ultra-keen eye and a real passion for his subject.' (Western Morning News, 26.04.08)'If you are not sure of the differences between a herring gull and a black-backed gull, a bullfinch or a goldfinch ... then (this book) is for you.' (The Cornishman, 01.05.08)'informative and ... crammed with brilliant photographs. ... convenient for a large pocket, ... with just the right amount of information ...'... Each bird is shown in clear and detailed shots and with enough information to add something to your knowledge.' (Vitality Matters, June 2008)'There is a surprising amount of information packed into this pocket-size book, along with many high quality photographs. ...'This is an excellent and handy publication.' (Cornish World, 59, August/September 2008)Pocket Cornwall books were shortlisted in the British Book Design and Production Awards 2008 in the Brand/Series identity category.
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