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Tough is not enough

How a journey through three contintents, with a kayak, changed a climatewarrior

“It echoed around my head. The carbon wing blade flexed in the water as I thrust like a man possessed. Past the point of no return, I was above the log jam. A broken blade, maybe even a missed stroke and that could be my last. The river was rough, it was ugly and I was bouncing like a cork.” Lovers of adventure will thrill at the task Steve Posselt set himself on the biggest kayak trip of his life. Up the Mississippi, through the canals of the US and the UK, down the Thames, across the channel and up the Seine to Paris. Crazy? Steve Posselt is a climate warrior, determined to raise the awareness of climate chaos and its impact on our daily lives. He set off from Canberra in January 2015 to drag his kayak through three continents and attend the Paris Climate Conference officially known as COP21. This is the story of what he learned about himself on the way. It is also the story of despair and redemption as a buoyant, enthusiastic movement embraced him when he finally returned home. A must read for every climate activist, adventurer and their friends.

Steve Posselt is an adventurer with a wheeled kayak who has paddled and dragged it up and down rivers in Australia, the USA and Europe. He is a water engineer and business man who has dedicated his life savings and a significant part of his life to raising awareness of climate change.Currently the chair of Sustainable Engineers Australia, he is working with Engineers Australia to ensure that the world we are building is a world designed to minimise and survive the impacts of our rapidly changing climate.  

* Tough is Not Enough is an adventure story about a journey up the flooded Mississippi and through the locks of England.

* It is also the story of a Climate Warrior heading to the Climate Conference in Paris and what he learned along the way.
* Not many of us have taken the risks that Steve has or dedicated ourselves to a mission with such passion.
* No-one has learned lessons he has learned, the hard way that he has learned them.
* This is a book for every one of us who feels that it is too hard to keep taking the next step, that sometimes it is all a bit too much.
* This is the story of someone who found success by joining his passions and concerns to a group of like-minded people. 

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