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Run Tree Run


Told from the flora and fauna’s point of view, Run Tree Run is the story of a simplified ecosystem threatened by mining. Run Tree Run was shortlisted in 2015 for the Wilderness Society’s Environmental Education Award.

A gentle and wise old tree helps the animals of its rainforest to escape with their lives before the miners come to tear down their home. The animals featured include a Sugar Glider looking for a new home, a Rhinoceros Beetle desperate to get away and a Cassowary, a loyal friend of the tree’s. 

Written as a protest against a proposed $1.2billion bauxite mine near the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve at Cape York Peninsula, this children’s book has eighteen vibrant illustrations of the rainforest and its animals.

Kelly lives in Adelaide and runs a B&B business. Her main interests are wildlife and the natural environment. As a child she was lucky enough to explore, with her family, the many national parks, wilderness areas, wild sparkling rivers and un-spoilt beaches of Australia. Cape York has always held special significance to her. She hopes to help preserve it for generations to come.

  • Written as a protest against a proposed bauxite mine after viewing Terry Irwin’s public plea to “Save Steve’s Place”.
  • The author has firsthand experience of the unique environment and feels strongly about protecting it.
  • Is a gentle depiction of an ecosystem threatened by mining. But real enough to stir emotion in the reader.
  • Helps the reader identify with, and increase their understanding and empathy towards the environment.

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