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Annabels Chewy-Gooey Birthday Cake

‘The day before her birthday, Annabel said: “I must have the biggest and best cake for my party!’’ Her mother, who always wanted the best for her precious Annabel, organised a special taste– test at Chef Pierre’s Chocolate Emporium. Annabel wolfed down a chocolate sponge cake and grumbled, “Too plain!” Chef Pierre raised an eyebrow and twirled his magnificent moustache. He took up his whisk and said: “Watch this! He…Beat- Whipped-Swirled-Twirled and…”Voila! A chewy-gooey chocolate caramel mudcake with butterscotch syrup and every colour sprinkles." “Goodness me!” gasped Annabel’s mother... Annabel bit into the cake. “Hooray” cheered the crowd! “Too plain!” said Annabel, smoothing down her posh, frilly dress.’
Ken began his professional life as a chef before trading his frying pan for a pirate sword and moving into children’s entertainment and now writing. His stories have appeared in popular magazines, daily newspapers and online publications. Ken lives in Melbourne with his wife and sports loving son.

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