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Ways to Live in Harmony with Nature

Living Sustainably and Working with Passion

Have you ever wondered how you can maintain your current lifestyle, but not exhaust our planet’s resources? In modern times, many of us have environmental knowledge but we lack an understanding of how to apply it to our everyday lives. Bridging this gap is what has motivated ecological economist Dr. Kamaljit Sangha to write this book. Dr. Sangha examines how people can make a difference to the environment by proposing little actions at the household scale that can contribute towards saving our planet. Dr Sangha believes there are a few, very easy steps that everyone — whether they reside in the city or the country — can take to save money, their mental and physical health, and ultimately our planet.

Dr Kamaljit Sangha is an ecological economist. She works mainly in the field of ecology for applying economics to the various services and benefits of our natural systems in terms of their contribution to human wellbeing. She completed her PhD from Central Queensland University in 2004, and since then she has worked in various roles (a Natural Resource Economist, Lecturer and as a Research Fellow) at James Cook University, University of Southern Queensland, Qld, and lately, at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT. She has worked with the Indigenous communities in north Queensland where she learnt the intricate relationships between people and their natural environment, and the importance of natural systems in people’s wellbeing. Growing up on an agricultural property in a cohesive community, plays a significant role in her ways of thinking. She believes this kind of holistic understanding of natural and social systems is required for all of us to connect ourselves with Mother Nature and to lead a balanced life.

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