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    120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn

    Tried and True Tips and Techniques

    ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn: Tried And True Tips And Techniques’ is for:

    defining and achieving your purpose
    managing your LinkedIn Profile, Company Page and Group
    exploring LinkedIn features including Newsfeed, Pulse, Apps
    job search, career development, business and social enterprise
    measuring and improving your performance, statistics, backups
    solving issues, taking action and achieving results
    It includes information for:

    students, job seekers and career changers
    freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners
    advisers, consultants and thought leaders
    community groups and professional associations
    schools, colleges and universities
    anyone who wants to leverage their skills, knowledge and networks
    This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your purpose, that you can implement today for your success in the future.

    Get started and take action now!

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    Sue Ellson BBus AIMM MAHRI CDAA (Assoc) ASA MPC was born in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne in 1994. She joined LinkedIn on 21 December 2003 and is one of the first 100,000 people in the world on the platform. She has been consulting on the topic of LinkedIn since 2008 and has launched her first book of 80,000 words summarizing her experience ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn’ in February 2016. She has a background in banking, training, recruitment, HR, marketing, employment, websites and social media and her first website, Newcomers Network went online in 2001. She created Camberwell Network in 2012 and 120 Ways Publishing in 2014.

    She is currently an Independent LinkedIn Specialist providing consulting and training on the topics of LinkedIn, social media and marketing to individual clients and organisations, a LinkedIn Specialist for Macfarlan Lane (senior executive outplacement), a Senior Consultant with Belgium based NetExpat (trailing spouse career development) and a teacher at the Centre for Adult Education (specializing in mobile device and website design training). 

    Sue is an experienced trainer, professional learner and consultant in practice. You are welcome to connect with Sue at and review her past publications and presentations online at

    Text book style advanced LinkedIn Guide, Australian Author Independent LinkedIn Specialist consulting, advising and training for 8 years on LinkedIn, Includes sections for all career stages - student through to retirement

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