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Interiors of Magdalena Keck
Over the course of her lengthy and successful career, interior designer Magdalena Keck has created some of the most extraordinary and sophisticated 'pied-a-terre' living spaces in the world's glamour capital, New York City. However, unlike most layouts associated with small living, a trend taking over the real estate industry, Keck's stunning debut Pied-A-Terre details how to enjoy a minimalist lifestyle while sporting luxe furnishings that convey a refined, high-end style. Presented through 116 informative photographs and 13 dynamic floorplans, readers follow Keck as she explores innovative ways to maximise luxury in only sporadically inhabited living spaces. Each elegant and surprising project features descriptive photographs, a concept description, and a schematic floor plan, allowing every reader to apply and translate Keck's effervescent elements to his or her own personal goals and interests. In doing so, this prescriptive monograph alters how interior design geeks and first-home buyers alike integrate and interact with contemporary design, comfortability, and proportion in compact spaces. AUTHOR: Magdalena Keck is an interior designer with expertise in contemporary high-end residential design who has gained a reputation designing luxury Manhattan pied-a-terre apartments for diverse international clientele. She is known for her highly conceptual and integrated approach, bridging memories and aspirations. She was born in Poland and lives and works in New York City. SELLING POINTS: This is the first architecture and design book focusing on the pied-a-terre, an increasingly popular property in major cities The pied-a-terre is associated with small living, a current trend, but this monograph shows the high-end furnishings rather than the commonly shown DIY With the pied-a-terre market on the rise, this resource acts as a guide to appease the demand for innovation and style 165 colour images
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