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Practical Ethics for Psychologists

A Positive Approach
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The fourth edition of this seminal book, guided by the APA Ethics Code, shows psychologists how to achieve high standards of ethical practice in their everyday work. This edition offers an enhanced focus on social justice as an ethical responsibility, expanded guidelines related to healthcare technologies, and greater emphasis on psychologist self-care. With their positive, proactive approach, Samuel Knapp and Randy Fingerhut demonstrate how to reach beyond the minimal ethical requirements in clinical practice, research, education, training, forensic psychology, and consultation. Through case examples they explore ethical dilemmas that psychologists often encounter around issues including informed consent, confidentiality, maintaining competence, and protecting the welfare of clients and society at large. The authors present three models to guide psychologists: the ethics acculturation model for balancing personal and professional ethics; the five-step decision-making model for navigating complex ethical quandaries; and the quality enhancement model for managing risk, particularly with patients who may harm themselves or others. Psychologists will learn how to collaborate with and empower patients, research subjects, students, and others by ensuring that all are actively engaged in ethical decisions.
Samuel Knapp, EdD, ABPP, is a retired psychologist and was director of professional affairs for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. He has written or edited 16 books and more than 100 peer reviewed articles and made almost 500 professional presentations on ethics, suicide prevention, and other professional issues. He authored Suicide Prevention, was editor-in-chief of the APA Handbook of Ethics in Psychology, and coauthored Ethical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy. He holds a diplomate in counseling psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology. Dr. Knapp received the APF Gold Medal Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Practice of Psychology in 2021. Randy Fingerhut, PhD, is a professor of psychology at La Salle University. He teaches ethics and psychotherapy courses and supervises graduate students within their doctoral program. Dr. Fingerhut's research interests include perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and self-care for graduate students. Dr. Fingerhut is a fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, an adjunct faculty member of The Beck Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and has been practicing and training others in cognitive behavior therapy for over 20 years. He is a fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, serving on their Ethics and Legislative and Governmental Affairs committees.
Preface to the Fourth Edition Acknowledgments Chapter 1. The Legal Floor and Positive Ethics Chapter 2. Foundations of Ethical Behavior Chapter 3. Social Justice Chapter 4. Applying Ethical Theories to Ethics Codes and Ethical Decision-Making Chapter 5. Competence Chapter 6. Informed Consent or Empowered Collaboration Chapter 7. Multiple Relationships and Professional Boundaries Chapter 8. Confidentiality, Privileged Communications, and Record Keeping Chapter 9. Life-Endangering Patients Chapter 10. Psychological Testing and Assessment Chapter 11. Forensic Psychology Chapter 12. Special Topics in Psychotherapy Chapter 13. Business Issues Chapter 14. Psychologists as Educators Chapter 15. Consultation and Clinical Supervision Chapter 16. Research and Scholarship Afterword: Fulfilling Psychology's Ethical Ideals References Index About the Authors
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