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Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education

Meeting the Needs of the Twenty-First Century Student and Modern Workpla
  • ISBN-13: 9781498560672
  • Author: Michael G. Strawser; Shawn Apostel; Mary Z. Ashlock; Carolyn Baum; James D. Breslin; Brandon K. Chicotsky; Lauren Coffey; Stuart L. Esrock; Trudy L. Hanson; Jessica C. Hume
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  • Local release date: 12/09/2020
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 240 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Communication studies [GTC]Population & demography [JHBD]Higher & further education, tertiary education [JNM]
Table of
Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Student and Modern Workplace presents a thorough consideration of the role, use, and implications of transformative and active instructional strategies in higher education. It examines the changing landscape of higher education and serves as a foundational lens and framework for thinking through higher education from both an experiential and transformative instructional context. As instructors and administrators struggle with 21st century challenges, this seminal text serves as a companion resource that presents innovative 21st century techniques in a fair and balanced theoretical context.
Chapter One: The Turning Tide: Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education Michael G. Strawser, Renee Kaufmann, and Dauen Grace Lee Chapter Two: The Necessity of Experiential Learning in Higher Education Mary Z. Ashlock Chapter Three: Building and Sustaining Transformative Student Learning Experiences Phillip E. Wagner Chapter Four: Culminating Capstone Courses Jason M. Martin Chapter Five: Intentional Service Learning Carolyn Baum and Trudy L. Hanson Chapter Six: Domestic and International Travel and Exposure Shawn Apostel and Lauren Coffey Chapter Seven: The Quadruple Play: The Intersection of Internships with Students, Employers, Universities, and the Community Stuart L. Esrock and Trey Lewis Chapter Eight: Entrepreneurship as a Student Experience and State of Mind Brandon K. Chicotsky Chapter Nine: Student-led, Client-driven Firms Stacie Shain Chapter Ten: Merging Real World Experience and "Giving Back" through Curricular Community Engagement Deborah D. Sellnow-Richmond and Scott A. Sellnow-Richmond Chapter Eleven: Transformatve Intercultural Communication Programs that Promote Student Integration Rain Wuyu Liu and Matthew Rynbrandt Chapter Twelve: Mentoring Undergraduates in the 21st Century: Who Benefits? Ed C. J. Long Chapter Thirteen: Learning Communities: More Than Just Hip Jessica C. Hume and Jenny McIntosh Chapter Fourteen: Transformative Learning in the First-Year Experience: Transformative Learners Outside the Classroom James D. Breslin and Anna Sharpe Index About the Editor About the Contributors
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