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Stress-Proof Your Heart

Live Longer, Feel Better, and Protect Your Health
Is stress hurting your heart? Do you want to live longer, feel better, and protect your health? A stress-proof heart is immune to the physical impact of unrelenting stress. Diet and exercise play an important role in preventing heart disease, but the most insidious, under-addressed risk factor of all is the one that many of us find the hardest to manage--stress. We can't alleviate all stress, and we wouldn't want to even if we could. Some stress is natural and necessary; it is what gives us the zing of energy to get things done. Trouble comes when that zing becomes a constant thrum, continually triggering the stress hormone cortisol to pump into the body rather than allowing it to ebb and flow as we need it. This book provides tools to power a fulfilling life by efficiently processing cortisol out of the body and nurturing a heart resilient enough to withstand high stress, change, crisis--and to bounce back from illness. Author Eliz Greene knows that protecting your heart from stress isn't a "nice-to-have." The strategies in this book are essential, life-or-death skills. When she was 35 years old and 7 months pregnant with twins, Eliz survived a massive heart attack, causing her heart to stop for 10 minutes. To reduce her heightened risk of having another heart attack, she's spent the last 17 years honing practical and implementable strategies to manage stress for herself and the thousands of audience members and readers she reaches each year. Stress-Proof Your Heart contains these strategies and the fruits of her international research study on job stress. Engaging assessments and actionable principles and tools will enable you to evaluate the physical impact of your stress and then offset that impact to protect your heart. Find out how to: Protect your heart from the stress hormone cortisol and avoid countless other unpleasant symptoms such as weight gain (especially in the belly and face), insomnia, muscle weakness, mood swings, and reduced cognitive function. Use everyday activities to help your body efficiently process cortisol of your system, so you can to feel better and function at a higher physical and mental level. Motivate yourself to commit to a healthier life. Includes bonus content to address emotional stress from Eliz's book Stress-Proof Your Life.
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