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One of several books written by Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, East to Katahdin is a fascinating excursion through the primitive natural areas of America, finishing in Maine. When Douglas writes of a blizzard, readers can feel the sting of snow and sleet. When he observes the tiniest flower species among a thousand others, it is with tenderness and understanding, and when he sees a wild animal, readers are at his side observing every nuance. This is a remarkable blending of scientific information, the excitement of the trail, and a philosophical understanding of the intricate patterns of nature.
William O. Douglas was one of the youngest judges appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court and his nearly 37-year term is the longest in the history of the court. Known for his strong progressive views, he is often cited as the most liberal justice to have sat on the court. Born in 1898, and appointed to the court by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Douglas passed away in 1980.


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