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The Autism Couple's Workbook 2/e

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This updated edition of Maxine Aston's workbook is packed full of insightful, helpful and easily accessible activities for couples where one partner is on the autism spectrum to understand and accept their differences. This book expands on topics including verbal and non-verbal communication, sexual issues, socialising and parenting, with case studies from couples who have successfully worked through their issues. This edition is fully updated for the DSM-V and features new research into alexithymia, further insights into couples counselling, digital communication and sensory sensitivity, with new worksheets and opportunities for collaboration and reflection. Combining advice, guidance and activities, this book can be used independently by a couple at home or in conjunction with a therapist, encouraging communication and empathy to help make a neurodiverse relationship successful.
Maxine Aston has an MSc in Health Psychology and has practiced as a Couple Counsellor since 1994. She is also qualified as a supervisor and a teacher in Adult Education and has specialised in individuals, couples and families affected by Autism since 1998. Maxine's book, The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome (2001) was the first book published world-wide on relationships when one partner has Asperger Syndrome. Maxine has been running workshops for counsellors, psychotherapists, professionals and psychosexual therapists who may encounter clients affected by AS for over twenty years. In addition, Maxine's workshops, for partners that live with a person with Asperger syndrome, have been highly successful and attended by participants from all over the world, and she has spoken at both National and International Conferences.
1. Understanding Difference 2. Communication 3. Expressing Feelings and Alexithymia 4. Non-Verbal Communication 5. Meltdowns 6. Social Interaction 7. Sensory Sensitivity 8. Sexual Issues 9. Parenting 10. Home Life 11. The Four Stumbling Blocks in AS/NT Relationships 12. Couple Therapy 13. Diagnosis 14. Who to Tell about Asperger? 15. What is Cassandra? 16. Maintaining the Relationship Together 17. Difference Can Work
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