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Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity

Acts of Self-Preservation
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Unique in its approach, the new book by Yvonne Farrell provides a framework for understanding how effective the channel system is at supporting survival through allowing the body to hide or store trauma, stress and burnout in acts of self-preservation. She looks at how these latencies are created by the different channel systems, why they are created and the cost of these to the individual in terms of chronic imbalance or disease. Patients can become stuck in survival mode and the book explores how to use acupuncture to bypass the human biological reluctance for change and reach the body on a cellular level. The book sheds light on the deeply rooted pathologies of somatization, bad habits and lifestyle choices, and contains a number of case studies designed to illustrate the book's theories and help the practitioner in the diagnosis and treatment of their patient. Trauma and the Meridian System is about moving patients beyond survival and to a state of balance and wellbeing using acupuncture, giving practitioners the tools that will allow trauma survivors and other patients to reset themselves.
Yvonne Farrell is in a private practice in LA (LA Herbs and Acupuncture) and is Adjunct faculty in DAOM programs at Yosan University, ACTCM and guest lecturer at OCOM. She has been treating patients with chronic illness and trauma since 1997 and the last 10 years of her teaching has been focused on this subject. She lives in Los Angeles, USA.
Dedication Acknowledgments Foreword Introduction Chapter One: Survival Chapter Two: Resistance Chapter Three: The Five Spirits Chapter Four: The Number Nine Chapter Five: The Sinew Channels Chapter Six: The Luo-collateral System Chapter Seven: The Primary Channels Chapter Eight: The Divergent Channels Chapter Nine: The Eight Extraordinary Vessels Conclusion:Redundancy, Self-awareness and the Miracle of Survival
Shows how to use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to move patients beyond survival mode and to a state of balance and wellbeing
The loving essence of this powerful, poetic medicine comes through on every page. Dr. Farrell has practiced, embodied, and illuminated through her teaching, the limitless wisdom and adaptability of acupuncture. In the clinic or in the supermarket, may we all learn to "see the person before you as whole," and work with "intent rather than agenda." -- Trace Albrecht, LAc
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